Are you students suffering from a case of post-winter break blues? Don’t worry–we have you covered!
Below, you’ll find a list of incredible activities to start 2023 on a high note!
Ready or not, here we come!

Keep Looking Up!

This is a fantastic activity to spark excitement, compassion, and creativity from your leaders.

With 10 minutes left in your leadership meeting/class, instruct your leaders to write short, encouraging messages on small 3 x 5 notecards. The following day, tape these messages to various ceilings around campus. Classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms are all great locations!

Finally, hang posters around campus with the phrase “Keep Looking Up” written in bold letters. Students will have a blast looking up and seeing kind messages as they go throughout the rest of the week!

Winter Welcome

While Weeks of Welcome in the fall are focused on spirit and excitement, the first week back from winter break calls for an entirely different approach.

With the help of your leaders, host an encouraging week of activities focused entirely on student connection. Hand out kind notes and hot chocolate at lunch, play encouraging music during passing periods, or simply hold doors open for students each morning before school.

While student activities can make good days great, they have an equal ability to make bad days better.

Wall of Resolutions

Set up a simple table at lunch filled with colorful paper, pens, and tape. Encourage students to write some of their new year’s resolutions to share with their peers.

Finally, proofread each post and collectively tape them on a large wall for all to see!

Welcome Additions

Do you have new teachers, students, and/or faculty joining you for the new calendar year? Let’s welcome them with open arms!

Create “Pride Packs” filled with school swag, simple snacks, and/or helpful information. At the end of the week, have small groups of student leaders surprise each person and welcome them to your campus!

Cafe De-Stress

Winter is often filled with testing, exams, and plenty of stress.

With the help of your school’s cafeteria staff and school librarian(s), transform your library into a relaxing cafe perfect for study groups and healthy preparation.

Fill Your Cup!

Tired of the same old spirit days? Let’s mix it up!

Instead of having students wear wacky or over-the-top clothing to school, organize a spirit day asking students to bring  a simple coffee mug to campus.

When students arrive at school, have large water jugs filled with hot chocolate ready to serve!

Redlands Unified School District (and their incredible schools) crushed this activity just before winter break. Take a look at their results below!


Office Slip Suprise

Have you ever received a note from the office and felt instant stress? Let’s flip those moments on their heads!

Using your office’s current check-out slips as a sizing guide, create encouraging notes for students on campus. Staple each to an existing slip for students to enjoy throughout the year!

Mid-Year Milestones

Everyone knows who won your school’s homecoming game this fall, but what about lesser-known achievements?

Using your program’s social media account(s), create an entire week of posts highlighting various achievements around campus. Post student successes, club accomplishments, and even educator milestones. The more positivity we can spread, the better!

Alumni Encouragement

Want to create an incredible moment that your winter athletes will never forget?

With the help of your school’s athletic director and coaches, create a contact sheet of various alumni who played a winter sport. Reach out to each alumnus and ask them to create a short, encouraging video for student athletes this season. Finally, compile each clip into a motivational video to post online before your school’s rivalry game!

Junior Spirit

Looking for new ways to increase attendance at your school’s winter athletic events?

Partner with various feeder schools in your area and host a “pack the stands” event at your school! Hand out school swag, teach chants and cheers, and leave young students excited to attend your school in the future!

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