Is your school battling a campus closure due to COVID-19? Have you been forced to cancel dances, sports, theater productions, and other student activities? We’re here to help.

Below is a running list of activities your ASB/Student Council program can use immediately to foster positive culture and engagement.

A huge thank-you to all of the programs who have permitted us to share their incredible activities!

NOTE: This list will be regularly updated as more activities become available.

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Hey You!

Every few days, use your Instagram to post simple, text-based images following a simple “Hey You” format. Posts can include (but are not limited to):

    • Hey You! Keep your head up.
    • Hey You! We miss you.
    • Hey You! You’re doing great today.
    • Hey You! We think you deserve a nap today.
    • Hey You! Wash your hands.


Virtual Spirit Weeks

School spirit can happen anywhere! Using your school’s social media accounts, establish a Spirit Week for your student body to participate in! Spirit days include (but are not limited to):

  • “I Miss You” Day: Reach out to one friend from school to let them know they are cared for and missed.
  • Wag Wednesday: Take your pet out for a walk and share a photo!
  • Senior Citizen Day: Take time to reach out via phone, email, or text to someone older than you to show kindness.
  • My New Show: Comment below on your favorite new show you’ve discovered.
  • “Put it on Repeat!”: Comment with the song at the top of your playlist.
  • Staff Shout Outs: Create a post expressing gratitude for a staff member you appreciate.
  • Childhood Days: Post a picture of your favorite childhood…
    • TV Show
    • Movie
    • Video Game
    • Snack
    • Toy
  • Fitness Friday: Exercise for 30 minutes to get your endorphins flowing!
  • Visit a virtual museum and share a screenshot!
  • Plan a virtual vacation and share your plans with us!
  • Pajama Day
  • Sweatpants Day
  • Beanie Mondays
  • Fridays are for Spirit Gear – Wear school spirit gear and tag us in a photo!
  • Jersey Day – Rep a school jersey with pride!
  • College Day – Rep gear from your favorite college or university!


Senior Night

Due to cancellations, many senior athletes will not get to experience their “Senior Night” game this spring. To help make sure each athlete is appreciated, create a post for each senior highlighting their accomplishments! This simple act will be sure to spread positivity.


Final Curtain

Similar to the aforementioned “Senior Night”, create posts for each of your senior thespians who will not be able to participate in their final theatrical production. The more kindness and recognition we spread, the better!

Best Wishes!

Use your program’s Instagram account to give students a platform to positivity! Allow students to send “best wishes” to others at your school during this difficult time.


Hand Wash Challenge!

Challenge your students to submit the best 20-second clip of themselves washing their hands to music. This is an incredibly fun and easy way to encourage proper care during this trying time!

Daily Kindness Challenges

Each day for a full week, encourage a small act of kindness for students to complete. Make sure to ask students to tag your school’s account and/or post using the hashtag of your choice!


Using your school’s social media account, challenge students to watch Ted Talks, educational TV, or listen to informative podcasts!

Choir Challenge!

Coordinate with your school’s choir department to organize social media performances by your school’s show choir!

Staff Encouragement

Each day, post a video from a campus staff member encouraging students to stay physically and emotionally healthy!


Regularly post highlights from throughout the year. Highlights can come from athletic events, rallies, assemblies, class competitions, the arts, etc.

Birthday Shoutouts

Ask for students to submit birthday shoutouts for their peers. This is a simple and easy way to show spotlight students during a difficult time.


Using the above hashtag customized to your campus, encourage students to post what they love and/or miss about your school. Be sure to repost encouraging content from your students to share the love!

Online Game Rooms

Using popular games like Super Smash Brothers, NBA 2K, and others, establish times for students from your school to log-on remotely and play online with one another!

Custodial Kindness

Many campus custodians will be hard at work during the break. To make sure we show them love and appreciation, work with your school’s administration to get them snacks, thank-you cards, and hand-sanitizer!

Resources for Everyone!

Due to the rushed implementation of school closures around the country, many students are unaware of what resources your district offers. Take time during the first week of your closure to post any/all information about free meals, internet access, and school work.


Here to help!

Use the STORY feature on Instagram to answer student questions about your school’s closure. You’ll be stunned at just how many questions you receive!


Hometown Heroes

Using your school’s social media account, highlight members of your campus community doing incredible work to help others during this difficult time.


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