Creating Significant Moments of Impact

Student Leader Event With Guest Mike Smith

December 3rd | 5:00pm - 6:00pm PST

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Why Attend?

Rather than looking at likes, comments, and revenue as indicators of a successful activity, what if we decided to value significant moments of impact? In this session, Scott Backovich and guest Mike Smith dive into a different approach to servant leadership.

Student Leadership Goals for This Session



Break down your council or club with a fresh perspective of what it means to serve.



Create activities that come directly from your core values.



Walk away inspired to create intentional change for those in your world.

Event Presenters

Mike Smith

Founder, The Bay & Ninja Turtle Enthusiast

Scott Backovich

Founder, ENVOLVE Schools


Who is this session for?

This session is designed specifically for leadership programs that have taken part in ENVOLVE In Progress virtual trainings this fall. By registering for this event, all of your student leaders and advisors are eligible to take part!

Can we use our Response Credits on this event?

That's exactly what it's for! After registering, we will deduct 1 Response Credit from your account and send you an email confirmation. You will receive an official link to the LIVE event 24-hours prior. The response credit registers your entire program, so all of your student leaders are encouraged to attend with you!

What if some of our leaders can't make it live?

Not a problem! All registered schools will receive a digital recording after the event. The recording link will remain active for 2-weeks. Additionally, you'll receive a one-sheet filled with follow-up questions to facilitate discussion with your leaders.

What platform will we be using for this event?

We will be using Zoom for this live event!

We haven't done an ENVOLVE In Progress Training. Can we still join ?

This session is specifically reserved for schools that have held an In Progress training during the 2020-2021 school year. If you would like information on holding a training for your students, click here!

Want to join other special events in the future? We'd love to have you! We will be holding additional events open to all schools throughout the year. To get more information and stay informed, visit the Special Events page here.

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