ENVOLVE trainings teach student leadership programs and advisors how to create the world’s most inclusive student activities.

In-Person Training

Action Planning Toolkit

Ongoing Special Events

Weekly Activity Challenges + Resources

What's Included in ENVOLVE Trainings?
In-Person Training

In-Person trainings are officially back! Our student trainings help leaders create new and engaging activities specifically for the 2021-2022 school year. Best of all, the workshop is built with community and teambuilding at the center, with students participating from start to finish!

Safety is our top priority, so the training is built to adhere to all state and local COVID guidelines. Interested in virtual trainings instead? You can view more information here.

Finally, we have both single-school and multiple-school trainings available! Want to learn about each? Click here!

Action Planning Toolkit

Student leadership programs are going to need more dedicated time than ever to plan for the best year possible. Wish you had a toolkit filled with everything you’ll need to get started? Look no further!

After their training schools will receive our official ENVOLVE Action Planning Toolkit, a digital workbook filled with follow-up questions to help recap the training and plan for the year.

Ongoing Special Events

Student leaders are at their best when they can learn and team up with like-minded leadership programs from around the country. We’ve got that covered!

After your training, your school will receive 3 “Event Credits” to utilize throughout the school year. These credits can be used to attend live virtual events focused on leadership growth and collaboration.

Activity Challenges and Resources

Phenomenal school spirit is a product of consistent engagement and inclusion. Let’s get to it!

Throughout the academic year, your program will receive Weekly Activity Challenges designed to engage students at your school.

In addition, you’ll receive 1 calendar year of access to the ENVOLVE Activity HUB, our virtual database of traditional student activities.

Looking for Trainings for the 2021-2022 School Year? Click Here!