A Night to Remember Prom
Private Participation (Service)

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Risk Level:Low
  1. Communicate with various special needs departments in your area to find a common date to plan a dance.
  2. Next, work with local area venues to secure a donated space for your dance.
  3. In addition to the venue, solicit donations from DJ companies, hairdressers, catering services, and photographers for your event. Because these dances are so unique and memorable in nature, you will find that group virtually line themselves up to help.
  4. After the event is set, begin working with area special needs groups to invite students to the big dance. Parents will naturally be an integral part of the success of your event, so be sure to rely on them when necessary.
  5. Finally, increase the visibility of your event by notifying local news stations. You’ll be stunned at how many media outlets want to showcase your event!