The Program

School spirit is all about connection.
ENVOLVE is all about creating it.

It’s simple — the more engaged students are in activities and events on campus, the more successful they will be in school and life.

Through our engaging workshops, innovative tools, and in-depth resources, we help activities programs become the best version of themselves for the students they serve.

Teaching School Spirit is an Ongoing Processs

School spirit is a constantly shifting puzzle. One year, students are excited to attending just about every event your school has to offer. The next? Students couldn’t seem to care less.
Rather than simply giving activities for students to cut-and-paste, we help leadership programs learn the proper emotional process behind creating a positive school environment.
Our trainings break down the entire spectrum of student activities as they pertain to your campus. Even better, we teach students how to create inclusive activities of their own, keeping compassion at the heart of everything they do.
Finally, we teach school spirit as an ongoing process. The world is constantly evolving. Our activities should as well.

Tired of the endless brainstorm that comes with creating new activities?

We are, too, so we created something to help.

The ENVOLVE Activity Hub is an interactive database filled with the world’s most engaging and inclusive student activities.

Built with leadership programs and uninvolved students both in mind, The Hub is a one-stop shop for creating compassionate activities.

Once a school has been trained in the ENVOLVE program, all student leaders and advisors receive a personalized login to access the Hub.

When logged-in, users can access detailed activity descriptions, rules, supply lists, pictures, and even external resources available to help.

Activities in Action

Consistent Engagement & Support!

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