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The Program

So how does it work?

ENVOLVE trainings teach student leadership programs and advisors how to create the world’s most engaging student activities.

In-Person Training

Training your entire program or success!

Weekly Challenges

Weekly activities designed to create community!

Special Events

Ongoing meetups with leaders around the country!

Activity Hub Access

Hundreds of activities at your fingertips!

In-person Training

Action-packed training for your school’s student leadership program.

These highly interactive trainings help leaders create new and engaging activities specifically for the 2024-2025 school year. Best of all, the experience is built with community and teambuilding at the center, with students participating from start to finish!

Finally, we have both single-school and multiple-school trainings available! That way, everyone can get involved!

Activity Hub

Wish you had access to a wide array of creative activities at your fingertips?

Look no further! After their training, ENVOLVE Schools receive 1 calendar year of access to the official ENVOLVE Activity Hub! This creative center is filled with nearly 500 plug-and-play activities, each built with community and inclusion at the center.

Weekly Challenges

The world’s most engaging schools are a direct product of consistent & intentional effort.

Each week throughout the school year, your leadership program will receive Weekly Activity Challenges. These innovative activities, delivered at the start of each week, are specifically designed to encourage and empower various parts of your campus community.

Special Events

Want to connect with other incredible schools?

Student leaders are at their best when they can learn and team up with like-minded leadership classes from around the country. We’ve got that covered!

After your training, your leaders can attend live virtual events focused on leadership growth and improving their activities!