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Our Purpose


Student activities exist to create phenomenal communities within schools. The more students participate, the more successful they will become in school and life!

Did you know…?

The vast majority of traditional student activities have remained unchanged for the past 70 years.
The average high school leadership program reports spirit day participation rates well below 20%.
Creating total campus participation and school spirit IS possible!

That’s Where ENVOLVE Comes In

Students who made honor roll at Foothill Tech High School in Ventura, California: An all-time high!
ENVOLVE-trained schools report students feeling supported on campus
Activities (and counting!) available in the ENVOLVE Activity Hub

Want to see it in action?

Every student deserves a campus community that they’re proud to call home. Our goal at ENVOLVE is to make that a reality for everyone.

Scott Backovich

About our Founder

Who is Scott Backovich?

Scott Backovich is a leadership speaker and trainer who has presented to hundreds of thousands of students and advisors across the United States and Canada.

Scott founded ENVOLVE with one goal: to help schools engage every student on campus through incredible activities!