Praise for ENVOLVE

We love the activities programs we work with, and thankfully they love us back!

ENVOLVE has have helped to create THE biggest change in our activities program in my 18 years on the job. Because of the leadership training, specifically the Low Trust/High Trust concept, Carlmont’s ASB has grown and will be adding a new branch called the Service Council. Now, there are opportunities for more students to be involved in our leadership program leading activities related to culture, charity drives, green initiatives, and recognition programs. Now, more students at Carlmont will be engaged and involved.

Jim Kelly, Activities Director, Carlmont High School

Bringing the ENVOLVE program to my high school leadership program and community has been a game changer! There was an immediate shift in how my student leaders viewed leadership, implemented and executed the planning process, and worked with the student body. Students now plan events such as spirit days, community events, and simple daily activities with the thought of “how do we best reach our student body where they are, and include them in a positive change so they want to be here.” As a result of this program, there has been an increase of student involvement within our school. The program is straightforward and easy to implement. The positive reaction from the student body has inspired the student leaders to do more every day for their community. For the first time, I feel they easily sense true gratitude from the school community for the little things being done. Scott’s voice of empowerment and belief in student leaders has engaged students to want to be better leaders. ENVOLVE has opened the eyes of my student leaders to a deeper sense of inclusion and allowed them to gain the skills of how to truly celebrate others. I believe my student leaders and our community are better because of this program.”

Michelle Munson, 2016 Washington State HS Leadership Advisor of the Year, Liberty High School

“Backed by research and data, the ENVOLVE model is a sustainable program that teaches advisors and students how to engage their student body throughout the year and meet them where there’re at. ENVOLVE’s relationship and commitment contributes to a program that follows up, follows through and provides the necessary feedback for immediate results.”

Vince Ivelia, Activities Director, Snohomish High School

What I love most about Envolve is that the program is pragmatic, full of common sense, and gives our students a structure to make positive change. It takes student activities and skews it by 15%, which allows the culture within a high school to progress and continue to find ways to include all kids into feeling empowered, loved and that their voice matters.”

Jaime Johnson, Activities Director, Monroe High School

“The ENVOLVE training helps us start our year off with a summer workshop that is funny, entertaining, insightful and challenging. It is a different vibe each year and my returning students always receive a different level of leadership growth and inspiration. I highly recommend using ENVOLVE if you want your students to start the year with energy, passion and a real focus on what matters at your site.”

Brad Burzynski, Activities Director, Armijo High School

“When I saw the ENVOLVE presentation at a CADA conference, I knew that the program was exactly what our school needed. I was just about to start my first year as Activities Director, and didn’t know where to take our first steps in changing our campus culture. Now three years in, ENVOLVE has become a staple at our school. We have followed the model on how to get students engaged, and it has forever changed our campus. We have more student clubs, pep rallies, dances, and other campus activities, all with the help of the ENVOLVE program.

Hayley Rubinger, Activities Director, Birmingham Community Charter High School

“Our students have always come away from any of the ENVOLVE trainings we done completely on fire and excited! What my students have gained through ENVOLVE is a breakdown of what our students need here at school—what they need to feel included.” 

Andrea Itson, Activities Director, Millikan High School

The ENVOLVE program materials have woven seamlessly into the culture we are building at Woodcreek High School!  My student leaders eagerly await Scott’s weekly challenges to spark their ideas and to keep our student outreach programs fresh.  In addition, we have found Scott to be incredibly available and caring with our students.  After our school experienced several tragedies this past fall, Scott filmed a message for my students to encourage them and to show them that he was thinking of them and standing with them.  They were truly touched .  It is such a pleasure to work with someone who genuinely cares about our students!  I would whole-heartedly recommend ENVOLVE for every school looking to improve student engagement on their campus!”

Kimberly Bair, Activities Director, Woodcreek High School

The ENVOLVE Program has really encouraged our Student Council members to focus on making connections with people in the school community who they may not have reached out to in the past.  They are now very aware of who they are reaching out to, when they are reaching out to them and why.  They are starting to see a difference in the reactions of their peers to our council and this motivates them to continue reaching out to various populations in our school.  Their way of thinking about activities that we provide has shifted.  They are not afraid to let go of activities that don’t work anymore and implement new ones that are more reflective of what our student population wants, needs and enjoys.”

Jennifer Paul, Student Council Advisor, Pocono Mountain West High School

“The ENVOLVE Schools program run by Scott Backovich has been an amazing addition to shape the goals and impact of the leadership class at Quimby Oak Middle School.  Many of the students that participate in leadership are so driven to put on events for the greater campus. However, those students often forget to find ways to recognize both students and adults that help contribute to the overall school culture.  ENVOLVE does an amazing job of centering the focus of leadership and ASB on making school a place that every student wants to be at.  Our leadership program’s reach has grown exponentially under ENVOLVE’s guidance and we are excited to see how our ASB program can grow even further as the ENVOLVE School’s structures takes root at Quimby.”

Mark Stolan, Student Leadership Coordinator, Quimby Oak Middle School

“The training we have received from Scott as part of ENVOLVE has been incredibly valuable in establishing a positive climate on our campus. To me, the most impactful part of ENVOLVE is the mindset shift that happened for me and my students. We now see our main role as giving back to our campus. Instead of looking for “fun” activities, we look for activities that express how much we care for our students and staff. In fact, my whole idea of what an “activity” is has changed! This shift has had a hugely positive impact on our campus-more kids are involved, more staff are involved and the feeling on campus is much more positive and inclusive. ENVOLVE is an awesome program for students because it helps them gain a bigger perspective of their role on campus and the training extends far outside the walls of your classroom.”

Taylor Thornhill, Student Leadership Advisor, Adams Middle School

“For years, student leaders did what we as advisers told them to do: plan and execute large events and live with character and integrity as they did; so when when their events weren’t as successful as they’d hoped for them to be, they felt confused and defeated. ENVOLVE has the answer: using data, anecdotes and examples from around the country, ENVOLVE challenges and enables our students to do more, teaching student leaders to step outside themselves and see student activities through the eyes of those they’re trying to lead. And they don’t stop with a one-day (perspective-altering) workshop. When you get ENVOLVE, your year will be filled with weekly support and accountability; they give advisers and students the tools and resources to make the changes at their school they’ve been dreaming about for so long. One session with ENVOLVE changed how we approach all student activities, and our school is better, more inclusive and more engaged as a result.”

Megan Adams, Student Leadership Advisor, Everett High School

“We brought Scott Backovich in to work with our Leadership program in 2018 and it was the best decision we’ve ever made! Since becoming an ENVOLVE school just two short years ago, participation in events has tremendously increased amongst both teachers and students. Furthermore, our student’s mindset about being a leader has switched to focus more on including ALL students rather than just the students who already participate.”

Tiffany Merlino, Student Leadership Advisor, Sparks High School

“The first time my student leaders met after the EVOLVE training, it was obvious how the training helped them shift their thinking about student activities. Instead of adding more and more events, the students are improving the activities that are already working well to make them even better and to involve more students. The students are being intentional about focusing on gifting, recognition, and spirit days and activities that are in the comfort zone of all students. We are just getting started, but we are already excited about the changes we see!”

Kelly Rogers, Student Leadership Advisor, Cascade High School

“Having been a part of activities and student leadership for over twenty years, I recognize and appreciate the value the ENVOLVE program brings to our campus.  ENVOLVE provides a structure that student leaders understand, buy in to, rally around, and take pride in ownership.  In our first year with the program, Roseville High School has many testimonials of success.  ENVOLVE makes a positive difference for ALL of our students and is set up in a way that is easy for students to be empowered to participate.”

Brent Mattix, Activities Director, Roseville High School

“Since my council has done the ENVOLVE training, the process of thinking about the risk factors in our activities has become natural. They are constantly thinking about how to involve underrepresented groups and think less of themselves. This training has improved our school culture and we are learning to appreciate more groups within our school. We will be continuing with ENVOLVE for years to come!

Paola Basquez, Leadership Advisor, Galena High School

When you partner with Envolve, you get a partner with data-driven techniques to revitalize school culture. The methodology is simple, and the resources are pure GOLD! They have single-handedly created and excitement in the student body at our school. In one year, the participation at our homecoming increased from 25-30 percent to 60 percent. Additionally, the data that they are able to provide is magnificent. So instead of assembly and activities being a “waste of time.” You can now show improvement. You can now go back to your student leaders, with data, and be intentional with your planning of positive school culture, instead of what sounds fun at the moment. The resources are easy for you as a teacher to use, and for the students to take ownership of and be proud of. The follow-up materials are easy to use and are a wealth of proven techniques to light your schools’ culture on fire. This is the best decision we’ve made!

Joshua Roehl, Leadership Advisor, Marysville Pilchuck High School

“We are a year one Envolve school, and our school has been drastically changed by Envolve principles. Envolve has helped us focus on creating community within our school by doing more activities where we give more to our student body, instead of always asking of them. Envolve also helped us focus on meeting students where they are at, planning activities that involve less risk, so more students are involved. We can’t wait for our training next year!

Aimee and Cody Foster, Leadership Advisors, Buena High School

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