Caf-Staff Kindness

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Risk Level:Low
Targeting: Staff, Cafeteria Staff |
Supplies:Pen, Paper
  1. Begin this activity by discussing the importance of your cafeteria staff with your fellow leaders. How do they make our school special? How can we better appreciate them each day?
  2. Cut 200-300 small pieces of paper in class. Hand each student leader 10-20 pieces of paper.
  3. Take 15-20 minutes to write kind, compassionate notes to your cafeteria workers. Try your best to make each note as unique as possible.
  4. During lunch, hand out individual notes to each student waiting in line for their meal. Tell students that in addition to paying for their food, they are encouraged to hand a staff member a kind note.
  5. By the end of lunch, your staff will have hundreds of kind messages!