Extreme Capture the Flag
Niche Activities

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Risk Level:Low
  1. Create 4 teams of 5-8. If more teams are present, a tournament can be created.
  2. Create Boundaries for your game. Rather than the standard game where two sides and bases exist, split your map into 4 equal spaces. From there, the rules of the game remain the same.
  3. Each team has 5 minutes to hide their flag and get ready to play.
  4. In order to win the game, one must capture an opposing team’s flag(s) and return it to their side of the field.
  5. If an enemy team member tags you while you are on their side of the field, you must report to their jail.
  6. In order to get out of jail, a teammate must run to the opposing team’s jail and tag your hand. At that point, both teammates are free to walk back to their side of the board.
  7. Rather than wait for all flags to be captured, the game ends when a team has accumulated 2 opposing flags.