Hungry Hungry Hippos

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Risk Level:High
Supplies:5 Skateboards, 5 Bungee Cables, 5 Laundry Baskets, 150 Balloons
Tags: Assembly Games, Rally Games, Lunchtime Activities
  1. Blow up 100-150 balloons in various colors. Balloons are placed in the middle of the gym (or another playing area).
  2. Attach a rope or bungee cord to the back of 5 different skateboards. Evenly space these skateboards around the perimeter of the balloons.
  3. Select 10 pairs of students as participants in your activity. Students can be part of the same grade, club, or athletic team (depending on the setting of your activity).
  4. Students participate in pairs. One student lies stomach-first on a skateboard, while the other stands behind them.
  5. Begin the game clock. Students have 60 seconds to push their teammate into the balloon area. Once a student has collected balloons, his/her teammate pulls them back to the perimeter area. Once there, students place their balloons in a safe area for counting.
  6. The duo with the most balloons at the end of the game wins!