Inflatable Activity Rentals
Interpersonal Interaction

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Risk Level:Low
  1. Activity rentals are a greatway to add another level of excitement and participation to any event. To help, we’ve listed the most popular kinds of games below.
    • Inflatable Bounce Houses
    • Trampoline Basketball
    • Velcro Walls
    • Life Sized Darts
    • Inflatable Jousting
    • Inflatable Slides
    • Inflatable Water Slides
    • Mechanical Bull Rides
    • Climbing Walls
    • Zip Lines
    • Projector Screens
    • Carnival Games
    • Race Tracks
    • Sumo Wrestling
    • Laser Tag
    • Inflatable Hamster Balls
    • Mobile Zip Line
    • Rock Walls
    • Stunt Jump
    • Blacklight Mini Golf