Meet Your Match
Interpersonal Interaction

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Risk Level:High
  1. Gather one small piece of paper per student at your school.
  2. Divide your campus by two and place these papers into even stacks. For the sake of this example, we will assume your campus has 1,000 students. We would therefore create two 500-piece piles.
  3. Next, write the numbers 1-500 on individual papers. Because you have two piles you will have two number 1’s, 2 number 2’s, etc.
  4. Take all of the papers and mix them up.
  5. When school begins, hand each student 1 piece of paper.
  6. Announce to students that their matching pair issomewhereon campus. As part of the activity, they have a certain amount of time to find their partner and visit the activities office/classroom for a prize.
  7. NOTE: Feel free to add any theme you would like to add some excitement to the activity. For example, the matching papers could be the names of famous couples, cheesy jokes and punch lines, or anything else your students can think of.