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When is the best time of year for an on-campus training with my student leaders?

For on-campus trainings, we recommend either summer or early fall to prepare for the new year. If that doesn’t work well for your academic calendar, we also recommend mid-year trainings in January or February.

Can multiple schools combine for a training?

Of course! We love when schools come together for a day of collaboration and learning. Plus, the more schools come together, the more everyone saves on cost.

How much does an on-campus training cost?

All travel costs are built directly into any quoted fee. That being said, pricing for on-campus trainings depend on the location of your school. Contact us here to get a quote today.

Can I book Scott to speak at our school assembly or leadership conference?

Absolutely! Scott speaks regularly at schools, conferences, and conventions around the country. To see his tour schedule and find a date that works for you, head over to his speaking website here.

What happens after my school gets trained?

We monitor student engagement at your school through surveys and statistical analysis. Also, we check in regularly with new activities and pre-planned events for your school to utilize.

Can I contact an ENVOLVE-trained school to hear more about their experience?

For sure! We love our schools and always enjoy the feedback they give. If you would like a list of contact information of advisors from ENVOLVE schools, simply let us know and we’ll have it in your inbox ASAP!

What if I have a question not answered on this page?

Send us an email, call the number on our contact page, or even send us a carrier pigeon. We’d love to help!

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