Our activities have been forced to change. It’s time the way we train leaders follows suit.

Introducing ENVOLVE In Progress!

LIVE Interactive Training


Ongoing Response Sessions


Activity Challenges & Resources


INCREDIBLE School Spirit!

What's included in ENVOLVE In Progress?
Interactive Live Training

In Progress begins with a live, screen-to-screen training for your student leaders.

Throughout the workshop, your leaders learn how to create community and foster engagement in a new and altered environment, helping them to create activities for any situation.

Best of all, the training is designed to be interactive in nature, with students collaborating with their peers in real time!

Ongoing, Personalized Response Sessions

Activities will be forced to change and shift as this uncertain year progresses. Not to worry! In Progress is designed to adapt with your school and help your leaders through the process.

After your training, your leadership group will receive credits to schedule “Response Sessions” tailored directly to your school. These credits can also be used to register students for special events throughout the year!

Activity Challenges and Resources

Phenomenal school spirit is a product of consistent engagement and inclusion.

Each week during the academic year, your program will receive Weekly Activity Challenges designed to engage students at your school.

In addition, you’ll receive 1 year of access to the ENVOLVE Activity HUB, our virtual database of student activities.